Special events

MJLF Shabbaton (Maison Pleine)

MJLF's Shabbaton (Maison Pleine) is a three-day weekend retreat allowing members to meet and mix together. Children, parents and grandparents, scouts (EEIF), couples, families, the young adults group Yahad or young singles: all are invited to join in services, meals, discussions, lectures and other activities. This special event concludes with the Jewish Culture, Books and Shalom day.

Everyone is invited to participate in the weekend festivities.

Jewish Culture, Books and Shalom Day

For 25 years, MJLF has been organising a special day for authors to meet their readers and autograph their books and essays. The books selected reflect the questions we ask ourselves as both Jews and citizens. The day also provides opportunities for lectures, round-tables and concerts.

Among our past invitees: Jacques Attali, Serge Moati, Tobie Nathan, Natacha Polony, Dominique Schnapper, Valerie Zenatti, Benjamen Stora, Michel Kichka, Shmuel Trigano, Marceline Loridan-Ivers, Michele Tauber.

Crazy Night of Shavuot

To recall the giving of the Torah we study all night in accordance with tradition, but songs, dances and discussions add to the convivial atmosphere and help attract a broad community of participants to celebrate the festival.

Yom HaShoah

MJLF participates every year in organising a day of commemoration of the Shoah under the high patronage of the French President and under the aegis of the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah (Fondation pour la memoire de la Shoah).

At the Wall of Names of the Memorial of the Shoah (Memorial de la Shoah) and together with the institution of the same name, the Sons and Daughters of Jews deported from France (l'association des Fils et des Filles de Deportes de France) and the Consistoire de Paris, MJLF organises the public reading of the names of all the Jews deported from France. Some two hundred people, public personalities, former deportees, parents, members of youth movements and volunteers take turns to read names throughout the night.

Before the name reading, MJLF conducts a special service at the synagogue and a participatory reading of the Sefer Hashoah.