Our history

The Liberal Jewish Movement of France ("Mouvement Liberal Juif de France" - MJLF) was founded on 2 June 1977 by a group of families from France's first liberal synagogue ("Union Liberale Juif de France" - ULIF). Led by Rabbi Daniel Farhi, Roger Benarrosh (President) and Colette Kessler (Talmud Tora Director) services were initially held in the homes of the faithful and then in a protestant

temple, but MJLF built its own community home in the Beaugrenelle neighbourhood where the inaugural services were held in June 1981.

From the outset, MJLF asserted itself as a "movement" meaning commitment or even militancy as its name implies. As the years have passed, MJLF has become one of the hubs of Liberal Judaism in France.

MJLF is a community of 1000 families and two synagogues in Paris:

- MJLF West: 11 Gaston de Caillavet, 15th arrondissement (district), just a few steps from the Beaugrenelle shopping centre and a short walk from the Eiffel Tower.

- MJLF East: 24 rue du Surmelin, 20th arrondissement.

MJLF is affiliated to the World Union of Progressive Judaism (www.wupj.org) which represents more than 1200 communities in some 40 countries and 1.8 million faithful around the world.