About us

Our mission, our vision, our values

Liberal Judaism

Liberal Judaism (including reform and progressive Judaism) is one of the world-wide streams of contemporary Jewish religion. We innovate while preserving tradition, we embrace diversity while building our community, we affirm our beliefs while accepting uncertainty and we believe in our texts without sacrificing critical scholarship. The Torah is a living legacy allowing us to question our daily lives and to engage in the world around us. We deepen our links to God through prayer, but also by learning and by fulfilling the commandments (mitzvoth) to Him and to our fellow men and women.

We are open to all Jews, whatever their origins or convictions, and to all those who sincerely wish to join the Jewish peoplehood (klal Israel). We believe that all human beings are created in the image of God and that we are God's partners in improving the world (tikkun olam). We are committed to dialogue with other religions and to equality of men and women in all aspects of Jewish life.

Liberal Judaism was born in Germany in the early 19th century. It has since developed, especially in the United States where it is the dominant stream. The first liberal community In France was the Union Liberale Israelite de France (ULIF), founded on the occasion of Hanouka in 1907. There are now a dozen liberal synagogues in France, including MJLF Paris.

Our Convictions

  • MJLF reflects the pluralism of Judaism today, enriched by different sensitivities and approaches to practice and ritual.

  • MJLF is an enlightened movement that respects the choices of each and every individual.

  • MJLF is a community in which Judaism is alive and audacious, giving pride of place to children, parents and grandparents, to education, culture and learning.

  • MJLF affirms that religious identity is not acquired simply by birth but results from education and that each person, whatever his or her level of knowledge, can study and transmit.

  • MJLF encourages personal engagement in all just causes; it supports Israel’s right to exist in security and recognises Israel’s essential place at the heart of Jewish identity.

  • MJLF is a community of men and women enjoying strict equality; equality is the rule for all members, whatever their cultural or social origin and whatever their Jewish knowledge or practice.

Yann Boissière, Floriane Chinsky and Delphine Horvilleur, the Rabbis at MJLF

Our Vision

An open conception of Judaism

Judaism at MJLF is lived as a spiritual not an ethnic identity. The conversion process is demanding but fully consistent with a very welcoming attitude towards those demonstrating a desire to join us.

Equality between men and women

Women are called to the Torah at MJLF and pray next to men.


MJLF invests much talent and energy in its Talmud-Tora. Children preparing their bar-mitzvah or bath-mitzvah mark this essential stage of their lives by learning Hebrew, discovering the liturgy and reflecting personally on their parasha.

Dialogue with the other monotheistic religions

MJLF’s founding commitment to dialogue is reflected in regular Inter-faith meetings and conferences.

Remembering the Shoah

MJLF and its founding Rabbi initiated the public name reading of Jews deported from France, now an established feature of Yom Hashoah celebrations every year in Paris.